Follow up on Kissing Cancer Goodbye.

Jessica is hopefully on her way to being cancer free! 


Noelle Helene, ceo of ExquisiteVisions, Creative Branding and Event Marketing certainly believes that cancer has out worn it's welcome when it claimed the life of her grandmother in 2006 to the dreadful intruder and returned in 2014 when her very own executive assistant was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24 following the birth of a sweet baby girl, which quickly escalated to stage 4.

Inspired by a national beauty brand, (recently featured in COSMOPOLITAN™, The Today Show and The Doctors to name a few) Fullips™ “Kissing Cancer Goodbye” initiative to give back to those fighting breast cancer, ExquisiteVisions Creative Branding & Event Marketing has teamed up with Fullips™ and an impeccable photographer, Robert Szatmari to present “Kissing Cancer Goodbye-Beauty Inside Out,” a beauty filled breast cancer awareness ad campaign.  The purpose of this viral event is to celebrate and recognize beauty of a person, inside and out!