Reflections of the year 2017

Photography is going through some interesting times. Digital has changed the landscape of photography for better and for worse as it has done to music. Its ironic that I see more interest in analog devices such as vinyl records and very old photography processes (some that predate 20th Century modernity).  

How do we process all that is going on with photography's changing rolls in journalism ( media), fine art and commercial art? To be honest, I don't have a lot of answers to this except for the word "adaptability". The visual artist must learn to adapt their careers in order to sail through these deep uncharted waters of the digital conversion. The romantic in me wishes for a time when accessibility to the industry was less complicated and people were given more opportunities to prove themselves. 

While I think there is always a way to make things happen, I do believe that our society has moved far to slowly to catch up to the digital revolution and its impact on our personal and professional lives. 

What's your next move?